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The Biochemistry at Pharma Waldhof

It started already in 1947...

Ever since its first technical developments in 1947, our company, legally independent since 1974, has devoted itself over more than seven decades to the scientifically most interesting and forward-looking field of Nucleic acid biochemistry. However, we started our proper business activities soon afterwards, establishing for the first time ever in the world the manufacturing of Ribonucleic acids (from yeast) and of its natural components (Ribonucleosides/Nucleotides) on a semi-industrial scale.

70 years of know how and expertise – basic elements for our future…

Today we are proud to refer to more than 70 years of practical experience in the unique world of Nucleic acid biochemistry being a sound basis and highly motivating us for the future. Our domain is the development and commercialization of active substances, key intermediates and reagents for multiple applications in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, cosmetics and nutraceuticals, in molecular biology and in medical and biochemical research as well.