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Who we are – a brief abstract of our background and activities

New developments are our strengths…

Pharma Waldhof is active in new product developments and advanced manufacturing techniques for antiviral, cancerostatic and cardiovascular drug substances and for their key intermediates as well, mostly in the area of Nucleotides, Nucleosides and their analogues.

For Pharma Waldhof innovation, however, also means to steadily improve the traditionally high and recognized quality standard of its products and services. It is our aim not only to meet the growing requirements of the market and the regulatory conditions but rather to establish new standards at a higher level. Since 2014 we are awarded with the label "Innovative through Research" by the German Stifterverband, demonstrating our affinity to R&D and Innovation.

Best Biochemical Products Provider in Germany & Europe

Our ongoing commitment to Quality and Sustainability reached another milestone in 2017, when Pharma Waldhof GmbH was awarded with the label of Best Biochemical Products Provider Germany & Europe.

Best Biochemical Supplier of the Year and Innovation Award in Biotechnology Discipline Bridging

In 2018 Pharma Waldhof GmbH was also awarded with the label of Biochemical Supplier of the Year and with the Innovations Award in Biotechnology Discipline Bridging honouring our multi-disciplinary approach.

Talent Management

Continuous and effective development is the nucleos of successful companies active in the ever changing and challenging world of our industry. Therefore, Pharma Waldhof lays great emphasis on the education and development of our employees. These efforts have been recognized and rewarded in 2015 when Pharma Waldhof got awarded with the label of an "Excellence Company" in the Field of Education and Talent Management.

Our environment – our skills, our ambitions…

The current range of Pharma Waldhof products roughly comprises 200 compounds enjoying regular scientific and commercial interest. Our affiliation to the multinational ACETO group, headquartered in the U.S., and our continued manufacturing and technical collaboration with selected and world-renowned biotechnology companies and research institutions as well qualify us to flexibly respond to specific demands and developments in biochemistry and biotechnology, pharmacy and diagnostics, cosmetology and in nutrition physiology of today and tomorrow.