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Innovation is our Passion

Cooperation with selected biochemical and chemical companies in Germany and around the world offer Pharma Waldhof a wide range ... 


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Spotlight on: Adenine (Grade I)

Since the 1960-years Adenine is known to prevent loss of cell viability of red cells during long-time storage. In 1978 citrate-phosphatedextrose with adenine...


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Diversity and Quality

Have a look at our products in the different product groups, manufactured to support you and your project in the various fields of applications 


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Active Ingredients for Pharma, Cosmetics, Nutrition and Diagnostics

Pharma Waldhof GmbH is your premium source for biochemicals, looking back at more than 70 years of practical experience in the unique world of nucleic acid biochemistry and beyond. Listening to our customers and our partners has enabled us to apply our high standards and values into innovative, powerful and well-accepted products designed for existing and new markets.
Pharma Waldhof’s success is based on our highly skilled people and pursuit for delivering quality value added products. We serve the markets on a global scale in various segments like Pharmaceuticals (APIs and Intermediates); Cosmetics; Nutrition and Diagnostics.

Unique Product Portfolio

Pharma Waldhof has pioneered a great number of chemical and enzymatic manufacturing processes for Nucleotides and Nucleosides and their analogues as well. Our current product portfolio consists of various Purines and Pyrimidines, Carbohydrates, Coenzymes and Cofactors, DNA and RNA, and Ribonucleosides and Ribonucleotides (Mono and Triphosphates).